This site is based on the local history research done by my mother, Joan Barksfield (1917 - 2005), who took a keen interest in local history and became a source of information for people in the surrounding area. Many people who knew her often remark how much they enjoyed attending my mother's illustrated presentations in the village hall; reading two loose leaf folders which circulated in the village and the book: Frieth - A Chiltern Village published by the Frieth Village Society to which she contributed.

This site is an attempt to bring to the wider public and particularly the people of Frieth the contents of those loose leaf folders, historical images and some of the many other documents which my mother created or preserved.

The site is still a work in progress but I have now managed to load 5 main parts:

  • A History of Frieth - the contents of a loose leaf folder which presents the history of Frieth and its immediate surroundings from earliest times up until the 1970s including invaluable oral history by older people in the village at that time
  • Your House and Mine - the second loose leaf folder, presented more than once as a slide show, which gives a wealth of fascinating information about a number of properties in the village illustrated by my mother's own photographs
  • A History of Frieth School - extracted from a slim volume which covers the years 1865 - 1985 with fascinating insights gleaned from the school log books and the knowledge of an insider!
  • Parmoor - based on some parts extracted from A History of Frieth and parts of a rather fat file in the cabinet which makes fascinating reading on the local "big house" from the 14th Century
  • Hambleden - Some parts of a large collection of Hambleden items

At the end of one of my mother's slide shows there would always have been time for points and questions from the audience and of course she was always open to receiving new or corrected information about anything associated with local history. This is something I would very much like to continue. Therefore if you find anything that is wrong or have anything you would like to contribute at all please get in touch with me via the Contact button in the menu bar above.

I will try to correct any errors as soon as possible and (with your permission) I will be pleased to include any contributions on the site where they can be seen by all. In particular, I would be keen to hear additional information about properties already shown here or if you can give even a few notes about the history of a property, people, businesses or events not included here I'm sure many would find that valuable.

Acknowledgement must go to the late John Harris who very kindly allowed me to copy some of his many photographs which I am delighted to have included in the Frieth School section and elsewhere. John passed away in 2020 and is warmly remembered by many in the village.

I am also indebted to Derek Collier for adding so much to the history of West & Collier

There is more still to come. Over time I hope to add more sections to this website exploring other aspects of my mother's researches as time permits. If you want to be kept informed of changes to the site please subscribe to the emailing list via the menu bar above.

I hope you enjoy browsing the site.

Bill Barksfield
December 2013

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