Frieth School


Frieth School photographed in 1969 [when children still got free milk !]

[ The text of this history is taken almost entirely from a booklet prepared by my mother, Joan Barksfield, in 1993 : "The Earlier Years - A History of Frieth School 1865 - 1985".  A small number of copies of the booklet were prepared and circulated in the village and to people interested in, or involved with, the school.

The images come from my mother's collection unless otherwise indicated.

I am particularly indebted to John Harris for letting me scan in his pictures some of which are included here.

All the text on the following pages is my mother's except the notes by the photographs and that in square brackets which are my comments or those contributed by others.

Text in italics is quoted from other sources, mentioned in the text, most notably from the school log books.

Some parts of the material used in this history were later included in the book "Frieth - A Chiltern Village". Copies of that book are available from The Frieth Village Society, see the Contact page.

For information about Frieth School today go to their website

Bill Barksfield November 2009 ]