Frieth School

Miss D Browning January 1942 - December 1943

Miss Browning was headmistress for just two years. For the first two terms she was assisted by Mrs Entwistle and later by Mrs Chandler, wife of the priest-in-charge The Rev Chandler.

Miss Browning's pupils have told me that she was a softly spoken, sweet natured person who put religious instruction high on the list of subjects to be studied. During the time the staff had good reports from the Diocesan Inspector but although Mr Hiff, HMI, visited the school in June 1943 there is no written report from him recorded.

These were quite difficult years for teachers, the war was at its height, school buildings were to be used for other purposes if the need arose and, although in a Reserved Occupation, women teachers were directed to help the war effort in other ways.

Frieth Home Guard in front of the School,
one of the "other purposes" to which the school was put.
Image from Joan Barksfield's collection
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Jan 1942 : Representatives of the Milk Marketing Board called to arrange for milk in school.

Received letter giving instructions in the event of an invasion or other emergency.

Letter on the care of respirators.

Feb 1942 : Blackout frames and curtains delivered

Miss Dunn called in connection with emergency feeding

Letter from PAO authorising headmistress to buy oil, matches and candles for the Rest Centre

March 1942 : An allotment having been obtained the seven oldest boys began work on it.

May 1942 : Gas masks inspected by Miss P West and D Latham

June 1942 : Senior boys helped wit haymaking this pm

Mrs Chandler and family were interested in dramatic work and used their talents to provide entertainment for adults and children

April 1942 : Children rehearsed for school concert in the Village Hall

July 1942 : Village Fete as a project (Note 44), preparing a mime, making the dresses and designing posters

Dec 1943 : Children rehearsed a Nativity play in Church

Assisted by the clergy the older children were taken on two outings and enjoyed some sports

May 1942 : Senior children visited the Museum and Church at Hambleden

Children practiced cricket at Parmoor and tennis at the Parsonage

June 1942 : The Rector, Rev Chandler and teachers accompanied 31 children on a tour of several Oxford colleges and Dorchester Abbey

July 1943 : Sports on the Parsonage lawn, Rev Chandler arranged the programme and acted as umpire

Some interior repairs to the school buildings were carried out and further work contemplated

Feb 1942 : Hansons removed a cupboard in the middle room and repaired the windows

Aug 1943 : During the holiday the school was painted and decorated inside

July 1943 : Mr D E Cooke visited the school to discuss the possibility of constructing flush lavatories

Miss Browning left Frieth school to take up the post of divinity teacher at Wycombe High School for girls. Probably this suited her better than teaching a mixed group including 11 to 14 year old boys.

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(44)    This is the first time this word is used in the Log Book. It means subjects were integrated around a central theme instead of being taught separately. Projects became the vogue in progressive schools in the 1930s [ plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose ! ]