Frieth School


Since it was built in 1865 Frieth Church of England School, standing as it does on the Village Green between the Church and the Village Hall, has been part of that focal point of the Village. The sound of happy children has been an ever present reminder of the young life in the midst of a living community.

Fortunately sufficient written evidence of the School's progress has survived, since the beginning, to enable this account to be composed and the reminiscences that old pupils have recounted to me have added human interest to bare facts.

As you will see Frieth School has tended to be conservative in its approach to learning and education. Being far enough away from the 'trendies', 'reformers' and 'innovators' of new and untried schemes (e.g. Cuisenaire and the Initial Teaching Alphabet  to mention but two such schemes with which English education has been 'blessed') Frieth has been able to watch others experiment and then pick only the best for inclusion.

Whilst the teaching and learning of school subjects is important, the education of the whole child is equally so. The guidance and moral backing which a school with a church foundation provides, helps in this respect. So far the number of pupils on roll has never exceeded 150 so enabling the teaching staff to become well acquainted with each child's work, nature and home background. After the antipathy of parents to compulsory education in the early years died away, Frieth School has enjoyed the cooperation of the parents and a bonding of home and school.

Over the years the nature of the population of Frieth and district has changed from that of a rural farming community. Now cottages have been restored, new houses have been built and commuter families have moved in but, fortunately, Frieth is still a village and the family atmosphere of the School is still preserved.

Through most of its history the School building itself has been far from ideal, but it is the calibre of the Headteacher and staff that make for a successful school and in this respect Frieth has been fortunate. At last the premises are being brought up to standard with the addition of a new permanent building.

Under the direction of the present head, Miss Martin, [1993] the school has grown and the roll risen to 104.

As this record shows Frieth School has had its ups and downs but has survived to rise renewed and invigorated in 1993.

May the School go on from strength to strength.

Joan Barksfield April 1993

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