On Chiltern Slopes

The Wolsey Altar

Tithe Map 1845

November 4, 1828

A Curious Which hunt

The Hambleden Magazine
Hambleden Brook

[ My mother Joan Barksfield (1917 - 2005) took a keen interest in local history and became a source of information for many people in the surrounding area. She was a regular churchgoer and a long term member of the Hambleden Parochial Church Council.

Frieth lies within the Parish of Hambleden and it was therefore obvious that her research into the local history of Frieth often led to discovering more about history in the wider Parish of Hambleden and Hambleden Church.

There is more to come about Hambleden but, for now, I am pleased to be able to reproduce a few items here which I hope you will find interesting.
  • A scanned version of the book "On Chiltern Slopes" by the Revd. A H Stanton
    Rector of Hambleden 1896-1924.
  • A piece of research about the "Wolsey Altar" in the Parish church.
  • A section of the 1845 Tithe Map covering Frieth and Moor End
  • A handbill from 1828
  • A piece about the Regicides who came from Hambleden - or not?
  • Some scans of 'The Hambleden Magazine' - the forerunner of the Parish/Valley Group Magazine
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Bill Barksfield January 2021

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