Hambleden, November 4, 1828


On Chiltern Slopes

The Wolsey Altar

Tithe Map 1845

November 4, 1828

A Curious Which hunt

The Hambleden Magazine
The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there . . .

"The inhabitants of this Parish may be supplied, as heretofore, with Bibles, Testaments, Prayer Books, Spelling and Copy Books, at very low Prices. . .

"Should any Person wish to contribute to the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge; The Bible Society; The Church Missionary Society for teaching Christianity to the Heathens; or to that for converting the Jews; their Subscriptions, however small, if taken to the Rev. H.C. Ridley. . . .

"The money intended by the industrious to be put into the Savings Bank . . .

"The Poor may be supplied with Wood . . .

"Any poor Woman in the Parish is allowed the Use of a Set of Child-Bed Linen for the month of her confinement. She is expected to return it clean. . . "

H.C. Ridley was Rector of Hambleden from 1803 to 1832, and his son W.H. Ridley succeeded him. They devoted their lives to their parishioners helping them in body and soul, to the best of their ability and according to the practices of the time.

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