Hambleden Parish Tithe Map - 1845


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Tithe Map 1845

November 4, 1828

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The Hambleden Magazine
I have scanned two sections of the Hambleden Parish Tithe Map of 1845 covering Frieth.

(They launch here in separate windows as .pdf documents so that you can easily zoom and scroll to inspect different parts of the map and index)

If you're lost : North is at the top, Frieth Hill runs left - right across the middle of the map.
Tithe No 806, to the right of 805, is Friethe Farm (Colliers farm), 821 is the corner of Frieth Hill and Fingest Road running down to The Prince Albert.

The pencilled letters "E.D." stand for Edmund Deane, "W.B." stands for William Barlow the people who occupied (farmed, presumably) the indicated land