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The 1946 sale
[ Amongst the many papers which I have inherited is a prospectus for the sale at auction of the Parmoor Estate on 18th July 1946.

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In the sale document the estate is divided into some 46 lots as follows:

Lot No.Description Acreage
1Mansion, Grounds, Buildings 33.304
2Bagmoor Farm85.143
3Bagmoor Shaw14.565
4Hyde Wood19.216
6Orchard and Woodland 11.824
8Little Parmoor Farm 91.492
9Little Parmoor3.280
10Parklike Holding 91.533
11Pheasant Cottages 0.156
12Pond Close3.104
13Hatchett's Wood64.756
14The Dene Plantation 14.931
15Allotments, Moor End 0.374
17Frieth School House 0.170
18Shogmoor Farm91.836
19Small Building Site 0.235
21Small Holding28.967
22Upper Goddards Farm 64.317
23Valuable Site25.101
24Fingest Farm63.167
25Small Holding37.922
26Fingest Wood10.022
27Lower Goddards Farm 42.708
28Ivy Cottage, Fingest 0.155
29Keeper's Cottage 0.172
30Pit Meadow2.356
31Stud Farm67.635
33Small Holding19.228
34Peartree Cottage 0.064
35Inkerman Cottage 0.151
36Gunnell's Cottage 0.145
37Allotments, Skirmett 3.289
38Small Building Site 0.397
39Small Holding and Orchard 8.369
41Flint Hall Farm229.537
42Hyde Shaw10.979
43Crooked Chimney Cottage 0.234
44Luxter's Farm48.528
45Luxter's Grove4.897

I have no record of what happened at the auction. There is a paragraph in the sale document as follows: "Lots 1 to 11 [which are the mansion and the immediately adjacent properties] . . . will first be offered together as one lot; if not so sold, Lot 1 will then be offered and if not sold then lots 2 to 11 will be withdrawn"

The History section of the Sue Ryder website says that "On February 11th 1947 the second Lord Parmoor sold the house and 12 acres to the Community of St. Katharine of Alexandria" and we must therefore assume that it did indeed not sell in the 1946 sale and that lots 2 - 11 must have been sold later.

If anybody can help with further information then I would be pleased to include it here.