A History of Frieth

Snapshots in Time

[ Snapshots in time ]
The Geographical Setting
The Early History
The Middle Ages
The Growth of a Community
1800 - 1860
1860 - 1900
1900 - 1973
The Name Frieth
Pillow Lace
West & Collier
[ The Colliers of West & Collier ]
West & Collier Catalogues
Notes on The Firm
Notes on Frieth
Further Notes on Frieth
Frieth as I knew it
Memories of bygone years
Frieth 45 years ago
The Posse Comitatus
[ Chisbridge Farm ]

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[ "Snapshots in Time" is my name for five maps of Frieth which together form a sequence of snapshots of the growth of the village over time.

They are taken from three large displays which my mother would pin to the wall of the village hall when giving one of her talks, for perusal during the coffee break, covering c1816 - c1918. The c1940 map has been generated from information which I found on a separate diagram showing later developments and the final map c2000 I have added from the modern Wycombe District Council maps of the present day. The latest developments, in the former grounds of The Firm, are not yet shown.

I think every house in the area of the maps is shown, by one little coloured square. Semi-detached properties are generally shown as one. If anyone feels left out let me know! I have attached names where space permits but in the denser parts I have had to leave some out.

More inportantly if you think your house appears too late or too early in the sequence please let me know. In particular on the c2000 map I have added every property which was not shown on the earlier maps - which may have led to errors. ]

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