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The Posse Comitatus (from the latin phrase meaning the force, or manpower, of the County) was drawn up following the passing of the Defence of the Realm Act in 1798 when fear of invasion by Napolean was at its height. The High Sherrifs of every county were instructed to list the names and occupations of all able-bodied men between the ages of fifteen and sixty not already engaged in military activies (excluding peers and clergymen).   Thus John Penn Esq. ordered the Petty Constables to make lists of those residing in each Parish. Millers, bakers, and wagon- or cart-owners were to be specifically identified.

Complete returns for the Posse Comitatus of 1798 survive for no county in England and Wales other than Buckinghamshire. Summaries or partial lists exist for some counties, while for others there is merely an allusion in the lieutenancy papers to the returns being made, or else no record at all.

From the point of view of the history of Frieth the information is interesting but, as Frieth has always been within the parish of Hambleden and there is no information in the document about where within the parish these people lived or worked, it is difficult to draw any specific conclusions, indeed "Frieth" is not mentioned in the document at all.

The document is divided into Hundreds and then into Parishes. Hambleden Parish lies within Desborough Hundred. In the Hundred of Desborough there were: 14 Parishes, 1883 Men, 1118 Horses, 326 Waggons, 458 Carts and 8 Watermills.

Note: The apparent duplication of names in the list means that there were two people of that name (quite often father and son)

Persons keeping
Draught Horses
Horses Waggons Carts
William Abbott1022
Samuel Aubrey732
Richard Barlow1-1
James Beesley622
Thomas Beesley723
Edmund Brangwin633
Francis Brangwin522
John Collins822
Richard Cook412
Abraham Dean632
Daniel Dean1033
George Dean923
John Dean622
William Denham422
William Denham1-1
Mrs East823
William Fisher1043
William Hassey411
Richard Hayward Esq712
Thomas Hobbs832
John Dean Howe432
John Jemmett632
William Keen522
John King722
John Matthews412
John Newell632
James Smith1023
Ann White522
John White622

Gentleman Victuallers
John Fisher William Hobbs
William Plummer
Mealman James Waiters
Richard Fisher
Farmers Thomas Smith
William Abbott
William Abbott Jnr Cordwainers
Francis Brangwin Francis Gunnell
Richard Cook Thomas Hobbs
Daniel Dean Robert Towers
Francis Dean John Tranter
Francis Dean John Walker
George Dean John Weedon
William Dean William Weedon
Edmund Deance
William Denham Dealer
John Fisher John Hobbs
John Dean Howe Snr
John Dean Howe Jnr Wheelwrights
Thomas Hussey Thomas Hawes
William Hussey George Richardson
John King
John Matthews Blacksmiths
John Newell William Ayress
James Smith Charles Gray
Stephen Williams
Edward Chandler Sawyer
George Gould Richard White
Nightley Gray Servant
John Morgan Basketmaker
John Thatcher Charles Stone
Wharfingers Taylor
John Hobbs Vernall Hobbs
John Hobbs Snr
John Hobbs Jnr Apprentices
William Plummer Robert Brimshire
Robert Grimshire
Bakers Francis Hobbs
William Feesey Richard Wyatt
Abraham Hobbs John Yelks
Carpenters Constable
Samuel East Jeremiah Lane
William Jones
Richard Rockall
Plow makers
Edmund Barlow
John Barlow
Richard Barlow
Robert Barlow
Servants Labourers
Matthew Aldridge John Austin
John Ayress William Ayress
Joseph Bird Benjamin Bailey
Richard Brown Jonathan Beesley
William Champin Daniel Bushnell
James Clements John Bushnell
Richard Clouday Thomas Bushnell
Humphrey Coats Robert Clements
James Collins Samuel Clements
John Collins William Clements
Philip Drew Charles Collins
William Drew Charles Collins Jnr
Richard East Thomas Cooper
William Elmer William Cordery
James Godley Daniel Davis
William Goodall Daniel Davis Jnr
John Gouldhawk William Denkam
Charles Gouldin William Drew
Nightly Gray Daniel East
Samuel Guttridge John East
Edward Higgs Thomas East
William Hoar William East
John Hobbs Edward Edney
Brester Hussey Henry Floyd
Ephraim Ives John Fowler
Joseph Jackson William Frewin
John Janes John Gammon
Leonard Kealey John Goodall
William Knight William Gouldswain
Robert Lane Charles Gray
James Loader George Gray
Charles Lovejoy James Gray
Thomas Lovelock John Gray Snr
Jesse Messenger John Gray Jnr
James Moors William Gray
Francis Morgan John Green
William Morris Robert Harman
John Munday Henry Hatchman
Richard Munday Charles Hayward
John Nickalls Joseph Higgins
Edward Parker John Hobbs
John Patrick Robert Hobbs
James Pearce William Hobbs
John Pigden William Hobbs
William Robinson John House
Samuel Russell John Humphreys
William Russell Thomas Jackson
Edward Sawyer Richard Jones
John Seller Richard Jones
Edward Shogmore William Jones
John Skinner Joseph Keeley
Thomas Stevens Leonard Keeley
William Streame Richard King
James Strong William Kirby
John Symonds Town Lathan
John Weedon Henry Looker
Thomas Wells John Looker Jnr
John Wheedon Martin Lovelock
John Wheeler Thomas Mead
James Wicks John Munday
John Woods Thomas Neighbour
Thomas Nibbs
George North Jnr
Henry North
George Parker
John Plummer
Samuel Plummer
John Randall
John Robinson
George Rockall
Thomas Rogers
Jonathan Russell
Thomas Russell
Richard Seller
Edward Smart
Jonathan Smith
John Spicer
Richard Stone
William Wallis
James Webb
John Webb
William Webb
John Wheeler
Daniel White
Henry White
Samuel White
William White
Zachary White
Zachery White
David Woods
Thomas Young

[ The full document is now available online from the Buckinghamshire Record Society http://www.bucksinfo.net/brs/online-volumes/volumes-20-22/ ]