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These are just a few of the events that I remember of years ago, in Frieth.

The villagers had a Drum and Fife Band at one time. They had smart uniforms and went around the different villages giving concerts.

Many years ago the men used to do what they called 'Rough Music', which meant that if a man ill-treated his wife, or any such misdemeanour, they would all get together with an old tin can, or anything that would make a noise, and march past the house of the culprit, shouting and banging, women and children joining in; they made a terrible noise.

There was a Reading Room for men and boys in the School House, this was before the Institute was built, and every night they had papers to read and different sorts of games. The entrance fee was 3d per week.

There was also a Fellowship for women, and we did sewing and knitting for a stall at the Village Fete, which was usually held on the Parsonage lawn on August Monday, to raise money to help the Church.

An otter was found in a pond on Moor Common, and people thought it must have come up from the Swilly Hole, which is in Copse Wood. It was said that a duck was put into the Swilly Hole and came out in the Thames at Medmenham.

Parmoor Flower Show was held each year at the beginning of August. The marquees were erected in the meadow opposite Parmoor House, and the Frieth people had to get their exhibits in by 10 am ready for the judging. There were vegetables, fruit, flowers, pot plants, cakes, jam, sewing, knitting and lacemaking, and a class for children to show wild flowers. The prizes were money which was paid out on the following week in the Schoolroom at Frieth.

We also had a very good cricket team, one of whose members was chosen to play for Bucks County.

Sarah Brown c1970