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Ellery Rise

Map of Frieth
Moor End
   Merrydown Cottage
   Corner Cottage
   Moor's End Cottages
   Moor Gate House
   The Copse
Fingest Road
   The Forge
   Folly Cottages
   The Willows
Perrin Springs Lane
   Perrin Springs
   West's Cottages
Ellery Rise
   Lynden Cottage
Frieth Hill
   Hillside Cottage
   Pear Tree Cottage
   Hillside View
   The Platt
   Little Barlows
   Cutlers Cottage
   Yew Tree Cottage
   Little Cottage
   Birch Cottage
   Tedders / Rose Cottage
   The Old Stores
   The Yew Tree Inn
   Fairfield House
   Flint Cottage 1
   Flint Cottage 2
   Middle Cottage
   Sunny Corner
   The Gables
   The Orchards
   The Old Parsonage
   White Gates
   The Laurels
   The Cottage
   The Firm
   The Niche
   The Ranch House
   Sara's Cottage
   The Cherries
   The Old School House
Innings Road
   Collier's Farm
   Innings Gate
   Down the Lane
   Sunset Cottage
   Rowan Cottage
   Creighton Cottage
   Apple Tree
   Old Well Cottage
   The Cottage
   Flat Roof
   Red Kites
Spurgrove Lane
   Maidencraft Cottage
   September Cottage
   Spurgrove Cottage
   Gable End
   Elder Barn

Ellery Rise is a continuation of Perrin Springs Lane. After 1948 council houses and bungalows were built here. Now some of them are privately owned. The name Ellery comes from the land on which these properties stand, as it previously belonged to Elleryes Farm. The boggy field below these houses and adjoining the Fingest Road was once an alder wood ( eller is O.E for alder )

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Hilliers is the last house on this lane - a name also derived from Elleryes (Ellery Farm, Illery Farm, Hillery farm, Hilliers Farm, Hilliers).  Hilliers was built as the new farmhouse in 1854 when the old farmhouse was converted into three cottages as described above.

By 1867 this new farm house belonged to Thomas Phillips. His granddaughter, Miss Tilbury, sold the entire farm holding to Mr Henry Nixey in 1947 - subsequently he sold some of the land to Wycombe District Council and Hilliers to Mr Anthony Foster.

During the latter half of the 19th and early years of the 20th century Hilliers was let to a number of tenant farmers, one of whom was Mr Bond. Mrs Bond kept a sweet shop at this house and sold butter and milk there as well. One of her specialities was to make large rice puddings which, when cold, she cut into pieces - these had a ready sale!

Mr Bond owned a threshing machine and engine that he housed in a shed at the corner of the field by the crossroads. At that time Frieth Hill and the crossroads were not surfaced with tarmac as they are today and, in wet weather, became what the village called 'oxy' - wet sticky mud.

Knocker Barlow used to help Mr Bond, for not only did he collect flints from the fields and reduce them to roadstone (hence his nickname 'Knocker') but when Farmer Bond took his steam engine out on the road Knocker Barlow  would walk in front waving a red flag as was required by law.

It had been raining all night and as Mr Bond went down to get his machine out of the shed old Knocker Barlow was coming down the hill, he saw danger ahead and shouted and waved to alert Mr Bond to the oxy condition of the road. All to no avail - the engine stuck fast in the mud.

Imagine what a tale there was to tell in the Yew Tree that night when, recalling the incident, Knocker said "I run, I 'ollered, I said damned if you ain't done it"

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[ There are some additional notes in the file prepared in 1985 for Mr Peter Foster :

Information from Abstract of Title dated 1949 of Mr F.G.Harvey to freehold property known as 'Hilliers Farm' Frieth in the County of Bucks.

1902 An indenture between W.D.Phillips, furrier of High Wycombe and T.T.Whitehead, solicitor of the one part and F.C.Tilbury and L.M.Tilbury spinsters of High Wycombe of the other part re Ellerys Estate Frieth

Thomas Phillips had bought this 'Estate' in 1867 from Charles Bell and Solomon Treadwell

F.C.Tilbury and L.M.Tilbury held :

"All that freehold messuage or tenement with barn sheds and outbuildings also
4 parcels of land measuring 9 acres 20 perches formerly woodland
1 parcel of land measuring 4 acres 24 perches
1 parcel of land measuring 1 acre 3 roods 38 poles
before known as Ellerys Wood and now grubbed up and 2 cottages converted into 3 ( formerly 1 messuage) (The 3) formerly in the occupation of Thomas Barlow, Jacob Marshall and ----"

The sisters also owned property at Plomer Green and Desborough Road Newland.

The sisters mortgaged their properties in 1907, 1911 and 1924.

Miss F.C.Tilbury died in 1933. Miss L.M.Tilbury inherited at Frieth : Freehold house and about 15 acres let to Mrs Ellis, 3 Freehold cottages let to Leaver, Lyford and Fielder and other property elsewhere.

Miss L.M.Tilbury died in 1947 - she had appointed Mr L.R.Nash as her executor but he had predeceased her so his residual legatees S.Soper and C.A.Skull acted on his behalf and sold Hilliers Farm H.Nixey and F.G.Harvey as joint owners in December 1947.

In February 1948 H.Nixey sold 'Hillers' to F.G.Harvey. Subsequently the property was split up again. The 3 cottages were sold to ? Some of the land was sold to Wycombe District Council to build Ellery Rise Council houses. 'Hilliers' was sold to Mr Foster (Snr) Mr H.Nixey retained the tenancy of the remaining farm land. ]

[ Derek Collier adds :

"As far as I know Hillier's was owned by my Great Grandfather John Ellis and Grandmother Annie from around 1911/20 until my Great Grandmother left to go and live with her daughter Margaret Collier in 1946/7.

Margaret Collier lived at Sarah's Cottage opposite Collier's Farm.

The photo above was taken outside Hilliers in 1920 of my Great Grandfather John Ellis taking the Collier family shopping in Marlow." ]