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Sara's Cottage

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Saras Cottage, Frieth - From Joan Barksfield's collection

Sara's Cottage is named after Sara Latham (mother of Denis),  Sara and her husband were tenants.  This is another of Frieth's old cottages, but how old has been difficult to ascertain.  Probably parts of it are 17th C or earlier. Jeffreys Map of 1770 shows this cottage was there then.  The D'Oyly estate map of 1786 shows that the cottage belonged o the D'Oylys of Parmoor ( not Friethe Farm, as it was called then, on the opposite side of the road)

Saras Cottage, Frieth, 1992 - From Joan Barksfield's collection

Bryant's map of 1825 also shows this cottage. It is difficult to decipher the exact number of this house and garden from the Tithe Map of 1845 but from the schedule William Cook who had purchased the Parmoor Estate appears to be the owner. During the second half of the 19th C the Cripps family purchased the Parmoor Estate from William Cook. Then during the 20th C Sara's was bought by the Collier family who, by that time, owned Friethe Farm (then called Collier's Farm) too. [ You can find the Tithe Map under "Hambleden" on the menu bar above ]

Sara Latham (seated) outside Saras Cottage, Frieth, c1920 - From Joan Barksfield's collection

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