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Little Cottage

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Little Cottage, Frieth, 1969 - From Joan Barksfield's collection

Little Cottage, adjoining the two on the previous page, is much older and may have been joined to some other building where the previously mentioned cottages stood prior to 1853.

This cottage has a large open fireplace and, when we owned it, had a wooden seat on the right and a bread oven on the left hand side opening onto the hearth (both have since been destroyed).

The ground floor consisted of one large room with a small kitchen and a large larder/store opening off it. The larder had a long wooden slab that could have been used to salt a side of bacon. A Victorian staircase, screened off from the living room by a door, led to a landing bedroom and a main bedroom. Upon investigation we found  that the staircase was constructed directly on top of a ladder, the much earlier mode of access to the first floor.

Beams in the main bedroom, Little Cottage, Frieth, 1969 - From Joan Barksfield's collection

In the 19th century this cottage was still part of Barlows Farm and, circa 1870, a family named Ginger lived there.Their eldest son was a bit of a tearaway, got into trouble with the law and was sent off to sea.

16/10/2017 Chris Ginger writes: Soloman is my 2 x great-grandfather, he was born in Loosley Row, Bucks on 07-10-1832. He had two sons, Daniel born 1858 and William 1861 ... I think from the censuses William must have been the 'tearaway' He left Frieth after the 1871 census, then in 1881 he was lodging with Daniel in Wandsworth, London. Then before 1891 he was back in Frieth lodging with Sarah Barlow in 'The Royal Oak' . Good to see he was accepted back in the village and was the last man to use the flail

[ This picture of Solomon Ginger is from a badly marked original but is nonetheless remarkable, given the apparent age of the man in this picture, it must have been taken at least 140 years ago ]

Solomon Ginger who once lived at Little Cottage, From Joan Barksfield's collection

In later life he returned to Frieth and worked for the two Barlow sisters Sarah and Ellen, as their farmhand. Ginger, as he was always called, was the last man in Frieth to thresh barley with a flail, on the barn floor (now used as a garage).

Barlows Barn, Frieth, 1992 - From Joan Barksfield's collection

During the first half of the 20th century Cutlers, Yew Tree and Little Cottage were owned by the Collier family. Little Cottage was the cowman's cottage and Yew Tree the ploughman's cottage for Colliers Farm.

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