Your House and Mine


Map of Frieth
Moor End
   Merrydown Cottage
   Corner Cottage
   Moor's End Cottages
   Moor Gate House
   The Copse
Fingest Road
   The Forge
   Folly Cottages
   The Willows
Perrin Springs Lane
   Perrin Springs
   West's Cottages
Ellery Rise
   Lynden Cottage
Frieth Hill
   Hillside Cottage
   Pear Tree Cottage
   Hillside View
   The Platt
   Little Barlows
   Cutlers Cottage
   Yew Tree Cottage
   Little Cottage
   Birch Cottage
   Tedders / Rose Cottage
   The Old Stores
   The Yew Tree Inn
   Fairfield House
   Flint Cottage 1
   Flint Cottage 2
   Middle Cottage
   Sunny Corner
   The Gables
   The Orchards
   The Old Parsonage
   White Gates
   The Laurels
   The Cottage
   The Firm
   The Niche
   The Ranch House
   Sara's Cottage
   The Cherries
   The Old School House
Innings Road
   Collier's Farm
   Innings Gate
   Down the Lane
   Sunset Cottage
   Rowan Cottage
   Creighton Cottage
   Apple Tree
   Old Well Cottage
   The Cottage
   Flat Roof
   Red Kites
Spurgrove Lane
   Maidencraft Cottage
   September Cottage
   Spurgrove Cottage
   Gable End
   Elder Barn

Hilltop is the second house of that name on this plot.  The first was built for Mr & Mrs Neighbour in 1886, he was coachman to Lord Parmoor and she sold china and glassware from the premises. As there was no refuse collection then, she piled the broken rejects at the bottom of the garden and some of it is still appearing. Mr Neighbour planted a hornbeam hedge round three sides of his plot and it is still growing there. The original cottage was on the right in this picture (behind the tree) and consisted of two-up and two-down and a wash-house lean-to at the lower left. The part on the left was added in two stages in the 20thC. Fred Barksfield bought the property in 1964 and subsequently sold the rear half of the long garden to Mr Packer.  The property was let out as two flats for many years.

Hilltop, Frieth, 1984 - Image from Joan Barksfield's collection

 The original property was demolished and the present Hilltop dates from 1978.

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